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Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise explore the galaxy and defend the United Federation of Planets.

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original title: Star Trek

genge: Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi


imdb: 8.6

duration: 50min

tags: Welcome aboard the United Space Ship Enterprise. Where it goes, no program has ever gone before.

budget: $200,000

keywords: starship, outerspace, 23rdcentury, computer, constitutionclassstarship, starshipcaptain, u.s.s.enterprisencc1701, spaceexploration, primedirective, exploration, alienplanet, warpspeed, warpengine, sec










































It is the 23rd century and together with the crew of the Federation starship Enterprise we travel across the galaxy to meet new and exciting life forms on distant planets. The 80 episode TV series which was produced from 1966 to 1969 has now cult character and has fans all over the world. Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise explore the galaxy and defend the United Federation of Planets. This show made all of it's principles into cause celebrities & in fact did the same for it's producers & almost everyone involved with it. This was one of the last series produced by Desilu studios it's first season. Then Desilu was sold to Paramont in order for Lucy & Ricky to separate their business interests after the divorce. Oh, but what a way to end their partnership.

This original series & it's films & syndicated sequels have produced more money for Paramont than any other franchise. William Shatner became so famous for his role in this, that he went to to advertise Promise Margerine, do TJ HOOKER (a Cop series) in the 1970's for ABC. Then he kept working on other stuff until now he has managed to become a TV regular again on Boston Legal.

Lenoard Nimoy(Spock) went on to do several other projects including hosting the syndicated series "In Search of". All the others came back for the movies as well. The big thing that made this series so popular was the plot lines which especially in the first seasons were so imaginative. These were from creator Gene Roddenbury who had learned his craft in the unusual Western series hit Have Gun, Will travel.

Roddenbury made morality a major strength in plotting these original episodes. He tapped some talented science fiction writers as well for ideas. This was really his wagon train to the stars. This original series has a couple of fine veteran Western folks behind the camera with Gene L. Coons & Fred Friedberger who worked on action series like The Wild Wild West. The resemblance of Kirks fight scenes in Star Trek to the Wild Wild West are no coincidence.

Towards the end, as NBC kept cutting the budget, the show suffered too, but by then, NBC still had not realized what they had & killed off the series. Thank goodness for re-runs, then video & now DVDs to keep this original going. The guest list for this series was small, but it had some excellent guest stars including William Windom, Roger C. Carmel, Michael Dunn (Dr Lovelass on Wild Wild West), Ricardo Montoban, & others (Most did guest shots on West too). It is one of the rare Science Fiction series to combine serious themes & comedy successfully & really be inventive. After all, to me it seems like these guys invented the cell phone style of communication in the 1960's. European Scientists are still experimenting to see if beaming people up can be done. What a legacy this series has left all of us. I love the original series of Star Trek and the only series that is better is the follow up series Star Trek: The Next Generation. This series introduced us to the glory of exploration and the horrors of it as well. William Shatner was and is a God, I love watching him as captain of the Star SShip Enterprise and think he did well in command. Leonard Nemoy is a great actor too and had much too add to the series. I love Vulcans. This series was a good series and showed people that it was OK to be a SCI-FI geek and that T.V could get cool special effects. Watch this series and enjoy as it is far better than all of it's follow ups excluding the Next Generation. The Vulcan hand salute was improvised by Nimoy on the set of "Amok Time." As a child, his religious Jewish parents often took Nimoy to the local synagogue where he had seen people making this hand gesture while saying prayers--a handsign done with both hands by the descendants of Aaron (called cohen, plural cohanim) when the congregation of a Jewish synagogue is being blessed with the "May the Lord bless you and keep you." This inspired Nimoy to create the Vulcan hand salute. It takes place in the 23rd Century, the original pilot episode titled "The Cage" takes place in 2254 A.D. while the rest of the series takes place from the years 2266-2269 A.D. The "T" stands for Tiberius therefore his full name is James Tiberius Kirk. Yes and according to the late Gene Roddenberry, in 1966 before the second Star Trek pilot, Where No Man Has Gone Before had aired. Network executives were concerned about Spock having pointy ears because the shape made him appear to look "too diabolical and Satanic looking." And along with their other request that the Enterprise not have a woman as second in command. And at the time actress Majel Barrett was dating Mr. Roddenberry so he was able to work out a comprise much to everybody's satisfaction. He said, "so I married the woman and kept the alien because I could not have done it the other way around." He worked in summer stock theater. In 1969 after learning of ST Trek: TOS's cancellation, Shatner was in somewhat of a dire financial situation due to his then wife's filing for divorce and being suddenly unemployed. He contacted his agent who got him work in summer stock theater for the next few months and he bought a used pickup truck with camper shell attached. The sudden reality of no income, bills, his impending divorce and being low on funds made him realize that he couldn't afford even economy style motels while working. He then set off driving to each and every location to work as a cast member in Some Like It Hot and the truck with camper shell actually paid off in the long run. He lived this way from memorial day weekend up through labor day weekend that year when his summer job ended. And from then on William Shatner was able to keep busy as an actor working steadily in various prime time television shows which paid well and he was able to stay afloat financially.


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